1065 Budapest,
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 23.


The goal of Freedom and Reform Institute is to operate a think tank with the following mission:

  • to represent conservative-liberal values in Hungary;
  • to strengthen civil liberties, transparency, and the rule of law in Hungary in order to increase the level of democracy in this country;
  • to protect freedom of trade and businesses, as well as the achievements of the free market economy;
  • to improve the culture of the institutions and operation of the Hungarian society, economy and state, to renew the connection between the individual and the state, and to promote the profound reform of the government;
  • to demonstrate firm commitment to a strong and independent society.
FRI intends to establish a strong relationship with likeminded Hungarian and international think tanks and counts on the cooperation of distinguished independent personalities.

FRI wants to pursue its goals by preparing and publishing public policy analyses and briefs as well as organizing events.

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